How Ignorance Devastated A Woman’s Married Life

At the age of 30, Mrs. Shefali Tyagi (name changed) started developing swollen and enlarged gums and started to lose her teeth. This disfigured her smile and facial appearance which eventually distanced her husband from her.

This was not sudden but a gradual process that slowly and steadily grew owing to ignorance and lack of importance given to oral health.

Her case was taken up at Dent Ally, a super speciality dental clinic chain based in South Delhi at Gulmohar Park and Vasant Kunj. Upon investigation, it was found that this was a case of gingival hyperplasia (gum enlargement) that must have occurred owing to improper oral health care and hormonal changes. This usually can be handled and taken care of at an early stage when we see a few deposits on the teeth that tend to cause redness, swelling and bleeding of gums. If not looked into, continuous growth of deposits and bacteria can lead to periodontitis which is characterized by bone loss around teeth and loosening of teeth. If this was looked into earlier and corrected at an earlier stage, this situation could have been avoided without hampering other aspects of her life.
Upon detailed investigation at Dent Ally, it was diagnosed that this must have started during her pregnancy. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that increase the risk of developing oral health problems like inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), gum diseases (periodontitis) and caries. Some signs that should be taken as serious indicators of oral health problems which might lead to bigger issues are redness and bleeding of gums, stains and deposits on teeth, stale breath and discoloration of teeth (cavity).

In case you would like to learn more about what and how to prevent this during pregnancy, you can read this blog here.
I realized I was having some problem as my gums had started to bleed and one or two teeth had become mobile. But I ignored this owing to post pregnancy stress and family priorities. says Shefali Tyagi (name changed).

Having lost one tooth and other teeth being mobile, she started to face difficulty in eating food which is when she finally visited Dent Ally.Her problem was resolved by the team of specialists who undertook a multidisciplinary approach of periodontics, dental implants and prosthodontics to give her back the smile that she always had and deserved. With her smile back, Shefali, now a mother of 2 and pays utmost importance to her and her family’s oral health.

“I never realized that ignoring my oral health could have such an impact on my life and I advise everyone to pay utmost attention to not only their overall health but also to their oral health” says Shefali.

We are seeing an increase in the number of cases of tooth loss and a drop in the average age of people having tooth loss says Dr. Shashi Bhushan, Maxillofacial Prosthodontist and Implantologist at Dent Ally.

Don’t ignore your oral health. Take the early signs seriously and make it a habit to visit a dentist every 6 months to proactively maintain your oral health hygiene.

Be Aware, Be Healthy

Dent Ally is listed as one of the best dental clinics in Delhi and is known for its known for its team of specialized dentists. .Dent Ally is equipped with latest and state of the art equipment and technology. Dent Ally has two centers in South Delhi: Gulmohar Park and Vasant Kunj.

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