Confused between when to go in for a filling or a root canal?

Read on to find out the difference between the two.

Whenever there is a darkened area on the tooth surface, it surely needs to be taken care but how it needs to be taken care of depends on the extent of the tooth involved.

Many people are unclear about the concept of a filling or root canal treatment. Not every decayed tooth can be restored with just a filling and not every decayed tooth needs a root canal treatment.

Cavities are a very common problem faced by more than 80% of the adult population. The cause could be plaque build-up leading to small cavities that eventually causes a larger tooth surface to be destroyed.

When the destruction caused is mild to moderate, confined to enamel (outermost surface of the tooth) or extending to the dentin (inner layer to the enamel), a tooth can be easily restored with a filling material. Filling material can be of various kinds – ranging from silver amalgam to best aesthetic tooth colored composite fillings.

We at Dent Ally believe in mercury free environment keeping in mind the hazards associated with the mercury and thus never encourage silver fillings, but rather always opt for biocompatible, tooth colored aesthetic composite fillings, that not only restores the lost structure of the tooth but also restores the form and function of the particular tooth.

It is important to know that lot of times, there might not be any pain but you might be advised to undergo a root canal treatment, it is because of the extent of destruction/infection caused by the bacteria which from the enamel and dentin has now reached to the pulp (nerve tissues) and now can only be taken care by a root canal treatment whereas doing a simple filling in such a tooth would not resolve the problem and could cause further damage.

In simple words, a cavity is usually confined to much superficial surfaces of the tooth and can be easily filled up with a simple procedure – the dentist removes the destroyed structure and fills it up with the appropriate materials that is usually done in a single visit. Whereas a complete decay is more extensive, involving the innermost layer of the tooth i.e the Pulp through which the infection has now spread to the whole tooth and hence, a root canal treatment is advised which may or may not be done in a single visit and is an invasive procedure when compared to a filling.

In short, filling is a preventive treatment to prevent your tooth from further damage as well as spread of infection and root canal treatment saves already infected tooth, saving it from extraction.

So book your appointment today at Dent Ally, a muti- speciality dental clinic chain in Delhi based at Gulmohar Park and Vasant Kunj.  Get yourself checked for your cavities to prevent the damage before it gets too late.

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