Cost of Dental Implants in India


A dental implant has revolutionized the field of dentistry. It has become the number one choice and an ideal method to replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.

Implants act by replacing the root portion of the tooth, thus not only replace a tooth, but also support the bone beneath thereby preventing loss of jaw bone after tooth loss.

On top of dental implants, implant crowns are placed that replace the tooth portion.

Dental implants prevent unnecessary grinding of adjacent natural teeth in cases of bridge placement thereby helps ensures the longevity and preserves the life of the remaining teeth.


Dental Implant is needed in case there are missing teeth or existing teeth need to be removed and replaced.

A Dental implant at Dent Ally, best dental clinic in India is the next best option to a natural tooth.

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Bridges and Dentures are alternatives to dental implants.

However, dental implants are fixed and a far more durable and long term treatment option as compared to bridges and dentures.

Within bridges, the natural healthy tooth structure of adjacent teeth will be lost due to cutting for receiving the bridge. Within bridges and dentures, bone loss continues to happen even after treatment is done.

If we consider a time span of 10 years, an implant will still be functioning just like another tooth. You just need to maintain oral hygiene and health around the implant as you may need with any other tooth. However, considering the average lifespan of Bridge (8-12 years) depending upon your oral hygiene maintenance , you might need to replace the bridge, which will again cost you more keeping in mind inflation and increased span of bridge that you may need. The longer bridge might be needed if bone loss has occurred around the supporting teeth. So, over 10 years this bridge may cost you an amount which is more than or equal to the cost of the Implant.  



In case you are a diabetic, blood sugar levels should be in control.In case they are not, dental implants should be chosen once your blood sugar levels are under control.


If you are a chain smoker, dental implants show slower healing and expose you to greater risk of implant failure.

Bone Condition

Dental implants ideally should be placed as soon as possible after your loss of tooth as dental implant placement depends upon the quality and quantity of the bone.

Oral Hygiene Maintenance

The success of the implant depends upon how well you maintain oral hygiene around the area where the implant has been placed.

Specialist performing your implant surgery

Please note to get your dental implants placed by a specialist (prosthodontist, periodontist and oral and maxillofacial surgeon) for them, rather than getting them done by anyone claiming to be a dental implant specialist.


The cost of dental implants depends on many factors such as

  • Type of implantation
  • Expertise and training of the dentist performing the procedure
  • Material used

Cost of a single dental implant varies from INR 22,000 to INR 70,000.

As compared to bridges, which require cutting of natural tooth structure of adjacent teeth, this natural tooth structure once lost cannot be replaced. Thus, the extra price paid initially for a dental implant is worth the investment as the natural tooth structure once lost cannot be replaced in its natural form.

While a bridge or a denture might seem like a cheaper alternative at the start, considering the average lifespan of Bridge (8-12 years) depending upon your oral hygiene maintenance , you might need to replace the bridge, which will again cost you more keeping in mind inflation and increased span of bridge that you may need. The longer bridge might be needed if bone loss has occurred around the supporting teeth. So, over 10 years this bridge may cost you an amount which is more than or equal to the cost of the Implant.


Dental Implants are of primarily made up of two materials: titanium and ceramic.

Titanium is one of the most biocompatible implants and are used to replace most body parts. And can be used for teeth in all regions of the mouth.

While ceramic implants are more biocompatible, ceramic implants have not been found to be as successful as titanium implants. Only scenarios in which we recommend ceramic/zirconia implants are as follows:

  1. In case of known titanium allergy
  2. Affordability for a ceramic implant

There are a number of implant systems that specialists use all over the world. Our team of internationally trained implantologists are trained and specialized in several implant systems.

At Dent Ally, we only use internationally certified implant systems such as Israeli, American and German that have found to be most bio compatible.


10 -25 year warranty certificate

Given the high standards that we adopt to do the treatment, our treatment outcomes are unmatched in the industry. Thus, we are confident in providing a 25 year warranty on all the implant treatment that we do.


Dent Ally is one of the very few clinics in India where the latest methodology of providing personalized solution to missing teeth through customized 3D dental implants is being adopted. These customized implants are placed through the most noninvasive and accurate guided surgery without any cuts and sutures. Thus, making the healing phase faster, comfortable and painless.

Dental Implants come in various sizes depending upon the size of the bone. Usually, what we need to do in size defined implants is that we need to cut the bone.

Using digitalization and 3 D technology, implants can now be customized to the size of the bone, thereby not causing any unnecessary bone cutting, need for sutures etc. The surgery is done via a computer simulation and this surgery is conducted with minimal incision and less pain through computer guided surgery solution via guiding splints.

Our team of dentists at Dent Ally, best dental clinic in India are internationally trained in this latest technique of implant placement and are amongst the very few dentists in Delhi, India who place implants using this technique.

We have outlined below the benefits that patients experience through this surgery:

  • This surgery is quick. Getting the implant placed usually only takes about 10-15 minutes. This makes the process a lot less stressful for a patient.
  • This surgery is predictable because the entire surgery is planned three dimensionally. The 3-D CT scan and guided surgery provide precision placement of the implant for proper angulation and for easier recovery.
  • Quick healing time is achieved by performing a “tissue punch”. Using this method to make a small hole in the tissue is far less evasive than other techniques that are commonly used.
  • This form of surgery is less painful. There is no suture due to no incision, resulting in most favorable post implant healing.
  • This surgery involves less bleeding as compared to a normal implant surgery.
  • Since no incision is made , there are no sutures given thereby reducing the inconvenience of sutures and leading to faster healing time.
  • There is no damage of surrounding nerve or teeth due to the precision of the implant placed in the bone.
  • This surgery is safe for the patients who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or underlying systemic disease. In such cases because of the less invasive nature and greater accuracyof digital implants the healing is faster and predictable.
  • This technique is least traumatic to bone and surrounding structures,as the implant and guide is customized according to the patient needs rather than selecting a closes match of stock implant.
  • Right from the stage of treatment planning to the placement over the implant, the process is designed and determined according to the rest of the teeth and the bite thus resulting in maximum aesthetics and excellent prognosis.


  • Team of Internationally Trained Implantologists undertake your implants to ensure optimum surgical precision along with supreme functionality.
  • Our team has undergone advanced training from countries across the world including USA, UK, Germany.
  • Our team of Implantologists work very closely with Prosthodontists and Cosmetic dentists to give you the perfect aesthetics along with functionality.
  • Given that we are confident about the quality of work that we deliver, we provide a 25 year warranty on all the implant treatment that we do.
  • Our prices are competitive and economical given the quality of treatment that we provide.
  • We have a success rate of 99.4%for the implants placed by our team for people across the world.
  • Globally accepted implant systems such as Nobel Biocare,ZimmerBiomet,Ostemm, BioHorizons,Dio, Dentsply Sirona and many more are used by our team.

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