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Who Is the Best Dentist in Delhi NCR

Dent Ally, best dental clinic in Delhi/NCR, has the team of best dentists in Delhi NCR.

Dent Ally is a multi-speciality dental clinic chain in New Delhi that follows specialized approach to dentistry which has built its credilbility as the best dental clinic in Delhi NCR.  Dent Allyhas  twocentres in Delhi NCR: Gulmohar Park and Vasant Kunj.

Who Is the Best Dentist in Delhi NCR


Most important reason that people state while choosing their dentist is TRUST.

We have listed below characteristics that best dentists and best dental clinics have in common and will help you in deciding whether the next dentist you visit is worthy of your trust or not.

Specialized approach to dentistry:

Would you ever want a heart surgeon to do your eye surgery? Answer would surely be a NO. You should have the same expectation from your dentist. There are 8 specializations in dentistry and further more super specialisations. Thus when you visit a dental practice, it should have specialist for all these specializations. You dentist should be an MDS in his/her field and should be up-to date with the latest advancements in their field. The best dentist is one who is a master at their field and not a jack of all treatments.

Advice: If the dentist is able to explain to you the root cause of the problem you are experiencing and a MDS specialist is doing the treatment, you are definitely in safe hands. For example, a root canal should be performed by an endodontist (root canal specialist), crowns should be done by a prosthodontist (crowns and bridges specialist).

Holistic Approach to Treatment:

Holistic dentistry is the new age approach to dentistry and very few dentists in Delhi/NCR are practicing it. Holistic dentistry is a preventive approach to dentistry that takes a patient’s overall health into consideration rather than just the tooth involved. To be one of the best dentists in Delhi NCR one has to have a holistic approach towards treatment.

Oral health forms a critical part of your overall health and best dentists at Dent Ally keep in mind all aspects of your health while planning your oral health treatment.Dentists at Dent Ally located in Delhi NCR take into consideration the total functional, structural and cosmetic needs of the patient also keeping in mind the link between the patient’s teeth and gum disease and heart health, diabetes, pregnancy and thus the overall health.

Some things to look out for to know whether the dental practice is adopting holistic dentistry are listed below. These are just a few aspects of holistic dentistry that we have listed below. There are many more. To learn more, you can refer to this blog here

Advice: If the dentist is able to explain to you the root cause of the problem you are experiencing and a MDS specialist is doing the treatment, you are definitely in safe hands. For example, a root canal should be performed by an endodontist (root canal specialist), crowns should be done by a prosthodontist (crowns and bridges specialist).

  • Materials used are Biocompatible:
    For instance, the materials used for tooth colored fillings at Dent Ally are not only one of the most aesthetic, but also are the most bio compatible fillings available, which are beneficial to the overall health of the patient as they contain no amount of Bis-Phenol A (BPA) monomers, which is a toxic component present in commonly used composites.A layer of regenerative pulp protective material is also applied by the dentists at Dent Ally, best dental clinic in Delhi NCR India, which not only enhances the life of the filling, but also improves the regenerative and healing ability of the ailing tooth.
  • A conservative approach should be followed:
    Patients whose teeth can be treated with a filling are not advised for a Root Canal Treatment, and the patients who can be treated without systemic antibiotic coverage are advised to do so. Team of Dentists at Dent Ally follow and practice this approach of best with the least invasive treatment religiously.
Advice: Always choose a dentist following holistic dentistry.

Ethical and transparent approach to treatment:

Being ethical in any profession is a must, but especially in medical and health professionals, this is a very important trait. But how can you judge if your dentist is ethical?

Advise: If your dentist is confident in showing you before and after pictures of the treatment and is ready to share all details of the treatment it means your dentist is not only confident about the quality of work done, but is also following a completely ethical and transparent approach.

Up-to Date with New and Latest Advancements in the Field:

Sticking to old ways of working is not working in any industry, then why should you be okay with the same within healthcare and especially dentistry. One of the biggest myths in the minds of patients is that going to an old age dentist would result in the best dental treatment. The con of going to such a dentist is that professionals develop a set operating way and do not want to change as they believe it is the best way of doing given that it has worked for them in the past.

Advancements in technology have transformed dentistry and new age dentists skilled in new ways, techniques and technology are adopting pain free, accurate and faster treatment modalities. Thus use of latest technology with more skilled dental practitioners is the need of the hour.

Advice: Do not be blinded by age while choosing a dentist.Judge dentists on their knowledge, skill and specialization and usage of latest technology.

High Quality Materials

A dentist who is using internationally certified and branded materials and who is ready to show you those when you are in doubt is one who you should trust with your dental treatment. At Dent Ally, only German and American, internationally certified and branded materials are used by our team of dentists.

Advice: Always ask for the type of materials that will be used for your treatment and when n doubt ask your dentist to show them before use.

Sterilization Maintenance:

Sterile and infection free environment at a dental practice is a must as no one would like to catch another infection while one is visiting to treat an existing infection. Dent Ally has been awarded Sterlization Monitoring Certification from University of Louiseville, USA.

Advise: Choose a dental practice which has certification from sterilization monitoring units.

Warranty backed treatment:

A dentist and dental clinic which are confident in providing you warranty on the treatment and actually follow the warranty in case the need arises, is definitely a practice that you should visit.

For example, at Dent Ally, we provide a minimum warranty of 10-15 years on our dental crowns.

Advise: Warranty provided should be with no questions asked and any exceptions should be explained in detail before treatment initiation

Focus is on Prevention:

Best dentists would always talk about what you must do to prevent oral health diseases rather than just treating the problem at hand. If your dentist is not able to tell you what you should be doing to prevent diseases, then they are definitely not providing a complete holistic treatment that you deserve.

Dent Ally is considered the best dental clinic in Delhi NCR India having the best team of dentists because all the dentists at Dent Ally practice all the factors listed above and have delivered successful treatment outcomes for all patients by practicing all the factors collectively.



Given the high standards that they adopt , best dentists in Delhi /NCR  would provide warranties on the treatments.

They use the best and most advanced materials and work with the best laboratories in the world, and hence are very confident about the quality of work that they will deliver.

For example, dental implants done at Dent Ally have a warranty of 25 years.

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