Have Missing Teeth? Here is all that you need to know about getting the smile you wanted.

Have Missing Teeth? Here is all that you need to know about getting the smile you wanted.

Have Missing Teeth? Here is all that you need to know about getting the smile you wanted

Tooth Loss could occur owing to accidents, gum diseases, injuries, cariesor due to genetics.

A fact not known to most, not having teeth impacts the whole health of the body. The food is not properly chewed which leads to problems such indigestion, nutrient deficiency, general bodily weakness and many other ailments.

And another important factor that most people tend to ignore is the aesthetic value that teeth add to the face and personality.

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, there are two popular treatment options that can be used i.e. dental implants and dental bridges. It varies from case to case basis as to which is the best treatment option.

Dent Ally, dental clinic in Delhi, has the best team of dentists who will make sure that you don’t need to live without teeth.

Dental implants and dental bridges both offer an aesthetic and functional solution for missing teeth. However, both have their own advantages and each one’s viability varies on a case to case basis.

What are Dental Implants:

Dental Implants are metal (titanium)/ceramic posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums. Implants act by replacing the root portion of the tooth, thus not only replace a tooth, but also support the bone beneath thereby preventing loss of jaw bone after tooth loss.

Dental implant prevents unnecessary cutting of adjacent natural teeth in cases of bridge placement thereby helps ensures the longevity and preserves the life of the remaining teeth in their natural form.

What are Dental Bridges:

Bridge is fixed in place by attaching to the natural adjacent teeth. As the name implies, a dental bridge bridges the gap between teeth resulting from a missing tooth.

It requires two or more healthy, natural restorable teeth on either side to support it to attach a crown that can fill the missing tooth space.

A dental implant would always be apreferred choice over bridges. Let us understand why?

  1. Dental implant with an implant crown is the closest replacement to a natural tooth.
  2. Implants preserve the bone and prevent them from undergoing resorption after tooth loss
  3. Implants prevent the adjacent teeth from undergoing any invasive procedure as it would be done in the case of a bridge and preserves them in the most natural form.
  4. Replacement of teeth with implants can also be done in conditions where adjacent teeth are not present.

A bridge would be preferred choice over an implant for replacing missing tooth/teethONLY in the following cases:

  1. If the bone present is not viable for implant placement
  2. Underlying health condition of the patient does not allow the patient to undergo a minor surgery.
  3. Underlying health condition of patient poses a serious risk factor for implant healing. For example, uncontrolled diabetes.

Dent Ally is listed as one of the best dental clinics in Delhi and is known for providing the best implant and bridge treatments. At Dent Ally, best dental clinic in Delhi, our specialized and experienced team of implantologists and prosthodontists aim at giving you the best implant and prosthetic treatment.

They have accreditations from USA, Germany and UK and have been associated with reputed hospitals such as Safdarjung and AIIMS.

At Dent Ally, we are adopting the latest methodology of providing personalized solution to missing teeth through customized implants placed through the most noninvasive and accurate guided surgery.

We at Dent Ally, the best dental clinic in Delhi, understand that you have a number of other things to worry about so come and visit us and let us take care of your smile on your behalf.


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