HAVE TOOTH CAVITIES? Best Root Canal Treatment in Delhi

HAVE TOOTH CAVITIES? Best Root Canal Treatment in Delhi


Why a filling done at Dent Ally is different from the others

Fillings are needed when you are diagnosed with a cavity in your teeth. Depending upon the extent of the decay, you would be advised a filling, RCT or extraction.

Fillings vary in complexity and material. Some are direct fillings, placed "directly" in a cavity, although others are indirect, wherein an impression of the tooth is taken and a custom filling is created to fit around it.

The most common fillings are amalgam fillings. As the name suggests, they are made up of a mixture of metals. They typically contain about 50 percent mercury, along with tin, copper, silver or zinc. Amalgam fillings are the least pricey option, and they're strong and long-lasting. However, amalgam fillings are silver in color and they become darker with time and stand out when you open your mouth. Given their composition of mercury and other alloys, they can be toxic to the body due to release of mercury in small quantities in the body.

Silver amalgam fillings being good conductors, thus expand and contract due to the temperature changes in the oral cavity which is quite common in the oral cavity. This can eventually damage and weaken the surrounding tooth structure.

The most advanced and latest form of fillings are composite fillings i.e. tooth colored fillings.

At Dent Ally, best dental clinic in Delhi, our specialists are experts at the most advanced composite fillings and infact we use the best and latest composite material available to do these fillings.

Some advantages of composite fillings are as follows:

  1. These can be done in a single sitting
  2. They can be completely color matched to the tooth thus giving best aesthetic results
  3. The latest composite material has high strength and thus can withstand eating and chewing forces, thus giving the filling a longer life.


  1. First and foremost, ask you your choice of music and play that for you in your personalized treatment chamber so that you are comfortable and at ease.
  2. At the beginning of your filling procedure, you may be given local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth. In most scenarios for a filling, anesthesia is not required.
  3. Tooth decay removal –Using a motorized airotor, the damaged and infected carious (cavity) portion of the tooth is removed and prepared to receive the filling.
  4. Tooth Color Matching : The shade of the composite to be used is matched to the tooth shade.
  5. Bonding –A highly advanced bonding agent is used which is applied on the tooth and cured with a special curing light.
  6. Composite application –The composite shades chosen are then applied using a layered technique to achieve the best aesthetic and functional results and then cured with the special curing light.
  7. Finishing and Polishing – after the filling has been placed, the filling is finished and polished, thus giving it the perfect anatomy, aesthetics and functionality.

And especially at Dent Ally, dental clinic near Green Park that has the best dentists in Delhi, considerable time is spent on doing each filling with each of the steps covered above.

We have also included photographs below that will show you why the composite fillings done by the specialists at Dent Ally have the best treatment outcomes that you can get in Delhi and will help you understand the difference  that we can make.



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