Having unexplained pain? Not sure about the Source and Cause of Your Pain?

Having unexplained pain? Not sure about the Source and Cause of Your Pain?


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The pain in the oral and maxillofacial area has a great impact on the quality of life. Nature is normally radiating which makes it difficult to determine the source of the pain.

We have outlined two keys types of referred pain that are found to be the most common amongst dental patients.

  • First Type: Neural

Recently, a patient came to Dent Ally with severe pain in thelower left tooth region. Upon oral examination, there was no abnormality seen in any of those teeth. But she was sure it had something to do with some or the other teeth in that area. When the first molar was tapped, she said yes this is the location. But upon taking radiograph, the tooth was absolutely normal. This is where our diagnosis skills and expertise at Dent Ally helped us in finding the root cause of the problem.When her full mouth examination was done, her upper left wisdom tooth was found to be totally decayed. And on tapping the tooth, she jumped to the roof.

The specialist at Dent Ally diagnosed that her upper left wisdom tooth was the culprit, but this added to her confusion, as she was certain that pain was felt in lower side.

Tooth pain can radiate to adjacent teeth, opposing teeth, the head, the eye or the ear. The reason, why it is occasionally difficult to pinpoint the origin of tooth pain is called ‘Pain Referral’, which is indeed thought to have a neural basis. Specific pathways and neural connections in the brain are thought to lead to the possibility of pain referral.  Also as branches of one nerve supply to a large area of maxillofacial region, thus problem in one area can be felt as pain in another. While the nerve fibers convey pain, there are few nerves that do not pinpoint, “it’s this tooth right here” and therefore, the brain tries to figure out the source of pain.

  • Second: Neuro-Muscular

6 months back, a patient visited Dent Ally complaining of constant pain in the lower right back tooth region since 4 to 5 years.  For this, he had undergone a root canal treatment in the 2nd molar a few years back at another clinic, after which the tooth was extracted, as the pain did not subside. Post extraction the pain was still persistent which started to affect his lifestyle. The patient now believed that the pain was in the other tooth and got the first molar extracted too. Even after this when the pain did not subside, the patient was referred to us at Dent Ally, dental clinic located near HauzKhas and Vasant Kunj. After a thorough examination at Dent Ally, it was diagnosed that the patient’s teeth were completely normal and the pain was referred pain of a completely different area i.e. the Temporomandibular Joint (jaw joints).  The Temporomandibular Joint(TMJ) specialist at Dent Ally diagnosed that the patient was actually suffering from a Temporomandibular Disorder(TMD). This occurred because of the faulty fillings in his teeth, which brought the lower jaw to an abnormal position thereby causing problem in the bite. The situation was explained in detail to the patient by the specialist team and treatment to correct the problem was planned and started. Patient underwent a comprehensive and holistic treatmentto stop further damage to the joints and to correct the derangement which had already occurred. The patient got relief from the pain eventually and was ecstatic. Incorrect determination of source of this pain had made him lose 2 healthy teeth.

As we see above, some causes of tooth pain are not directly related to your teeth. Another type of pain is in a condition called Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)is of Neuro-muscular origin.On a broader aspect, problems with your jaw joint and the muscles in your face that control it are known as temporomandibular disorders (TMD).Chronic teeth grinding or clenching, dislocation of the temporomandibular joint, incorrect closing of jaw, deranged bite and strained facial muscles are some causes for TMD. Pain in the joint, jaw clicking and popping, pain radiating into the ear area or shoulder pain can occur due to “trigger points”. Muscle and/or jaw joint pain could even refer to the teeth and other parts of the face. It can be temporary or last for many years.

A specialist approach, in-depth knowledge and correct understanding of the pain pathway and team work between all specialists distinguishes Dent Ally and its team in devising better treatment plans for undefined tooth pain which can’t be corrected by any other treatments.



Dent Ally is listed as one of the best dental clinics in Delhi and is known for its known for its team of specialized dentists. Dent Ally is equipped with latest and state of the art equipment and technology. Dent Ally has two centers in South Delhi: Gulmohar Park (near Green park and HauzKhas) and Vasant Kunj.




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