Heard about Holistic dentists? Holistic dentistry?

Heard about Holistic dentists? Holistic dentistry?

Read on to learn how specialists at Dent Ally practice this form of dentistry.

Holistic dentistry is a preventive approach to dentistry that takes a patient’s overall health into consideration rather than just the tooth involved.We at Dent Ally take into consideration the total functional, structural and cosmetic needs of the patient also keeping in mind the link between the patient’s teeth and gum disease and heart health, diabetes and pregnancy.

Dent Ally is one of the very few clinics in Delhi where holistic dentistry is being practiced and followed.

The basic principles that our specialists at Dent Ally, best dental clinic in India, follow as holistic dentists are :

  1. Advice Proper Nutrition to prevent and reverse dental disease: Nutrition is an important element for faster recovery from infections and prevention from any secondary infection. It makes the patient more adaptive to dental treatments and acts as an adjunct to other medications for healing.
  2. Elimination of toxins:Our mouth is home to mixed fauna  of both good and bad. The bad micro-organisms suppress the healing of the infections. Therefore, these micro-organisms should be diminished and toxins should be removed from the mouth when a treatment is initiated. This is what our specialists at Dent Ally,best dental clinic in India, follow by doing a thorough cleaning of the oral cavity in addition to other procedures along with putting our patients on antiseptic and anti-bacterial mouth rinses.
  3. Prevention and treatment of malocclusion:Malocclusion can hamper the patients healthy eating habits and lifestyle. A number of patients complain of an unexplained discomfort on chewing even after getting the tooth prosthesis fixed. This is because their occlusion is not kept under consideration while replacing their teeth. Holistic dentistry is all about rehabilitating patients’ teeth keeping in mind the ideal occlusion and the detrimental effects of malocclusion on the patients overall health and surrounding facial structures. We have malocclusion specialists at Dent Ally, dental clinic with the best dentists in Delhi, who are trained and specialists in treating occlusion.
  4. Gum disease prevention and treatment:Healthy bone and gums are of utmost importance as they act as anchors to our teeth. Therefore, the treatment of unhealthy gums is always kept as a priority in holistic dentistry. We at Dent Ally practice it by educating our patients on how to maintain good health of their gums.


We have listed below other considerations that a practice following principles of holistic dentistry adopts and we have included specific examples of how specialists at Dent Ally follow the same.


  1. Biocompatible Filling Materials :

For instance, the filling materials being used for your teeth is an important consideration. For example, mercury containing fillings (amalgam fillings) are hazardous to both your health and the environment, therefore,  it is important to know what filling material is being used by your dentist.  Since the use of amalgam was banned due to its harmful effects followed by ban of mercury. it’s important to choose a dentist who uses alternatives such as composite resin, glass ionomer, or porcelain/ceramic while repairing teeth. We at Dent Ally have taken this consideration into our practice for the better health of our patients and the environment. The image below shows you the difference between mercury filling and the tooth coloured fillings that we do at Dent Ally.

  1. Holistic Dentistry and Overall Health:

Dental patients having other medical problems for example, tonsillitis,  are also treated accordingly so that they are free from these ongoing medical health conditions.

  1. Conservative approach :

Even patients whose teeth can be treated with a filling are not advised for a Root Canal Treatment, and the patients who can be treated without systemic Antibiotic coverage are advised to do so. Team of Dentists at Dent Ally follow and practice this religiously.

  1. Reduced Radiation Dose:

Holistic dentistry advises using the minimum dosage of radiation possible by adapting to digital x-ray systems and we at Dent Ally only use digital xrays to ensure minimum exposure to our patients.

If you care about your health as a whole, choose a holistic dentist over a traditional dentist for better treatment, better treatment outcomes and overall health.

Dent Ally Is Listed As One Of The Best Dental Clinics In Delhi And Is Known For Its Known For Its Team Of Specialized Dentists. Dent Ally Is Equipped With Latest And State Of The Art Equipment And Technology. Dent Ally Has Two Centers In Delhi, India – Gulmohar Park (Near Green Park And HauzKhas) And Vasant Kunj.


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