Know Your Teeth

Know Your Teeth

“Smile! You never know who is clicking you”

Every individual is provided with two sets of teeth:

  • Primary (Baby/Kids Teeth)
  • Permanent (Adult Teeth)

Primary teeth are 20 in number. They complete their eruption and are in place by the age of 3 years. Any problems with Primary Teeth can be  taken care of at  Dent Ally Dental Clinic, South Delhi which has  the best kids and pediatric dentists in Delhi;.

Permanent teeth are 32 in number. These start to erupt after the primary teeth fall out by the age of 6 years. Any problems with Permanent Teeth can be taken  care of by our specialist dentists at Dent Ally dental clinic. which has been listed as one of the best dental clinics in Delhi.

Types of teeth we all have:

Incisors: 4 at the top and 4 at bottom make a total of 8 for your gorgeous smile at the front center. Remember the first bite of that Cadbury Silk you just had, well these ones actually helped you for that. While others, bugs bunny teeth help to nibble on to their fingernails when nervous. Tadaa! Energy saver mode turned on for nail cutter. (Oral dental care clinics strictly advise not to practice the habit of chewing nails.) Dent Ally has the best aesthetic and cosmetic dentists trained from Germany to take care of all the aesthetics and functionalities of these teeth to ensure a healthy and perfect smile

Canines: Oh! The Dracula teeth few of us love showing off. These are at every corner of your smile like 4 pillars. Yes, you non-vegetarian lovers, you guys just love tearing off that chicken with these, don’t you? Problems with your Canines? Visit  Dent Ally for the best prosthodontist (crown and bridge specialist) to keep these teeth healthy and strong.

Premolars: Well, no one likes to swallow their food randomly and end up puking here and there. These are like grinding machine – chew grind, chew grind and there the food is ready to be swallowed.  2 on each side, up and down left and right counts up to 8, that’s right? Feeling something isn’t right while eating your food? Let one of the best dentists at Dent Ally near you take a look.

Molars: Yayyiee! More grinding, more chewing, super charged mode on. Remember how our 4th standard teacher when teaching about teeth used to make us eat that one bite of chapatti with no veggies and we used to chew and chew to get that sweetness out of food, there she taught us the purpose of these teeth no? Larger sized, but number similar to premolars on each side. Molars are unable to perform their function? Does it pain while chewing and feel small about of blood in your molars? You might need a root canal treatment as this is the most cavity prone tooth as it erupts earliest in the mouth and is prone to food getting stuck Let best periodontist and  root canal specialist at Dent  Ally   prevent any damage from happening to these teeth.check them out for you.

Third Molars: OMG! No wonder you use less of your brains, you’re getting wisdom at the age of 18+ well that’s what we all get to hear no? But that’s actually the correct age everyone gets these wisdom teeth. Oh, you don’t have wisdom teeth? OMG! You don’t have brains? Well that’s just how we get teased but you know it is perfectly okay even if you don’t have them. These are 4 in number at the extreme corners of your jaws. Invisible, idle and numb.

Now adays these teeth are prone to remain impacted and thus commonly need extraction (removal.) At Dent ally, we have the best extraction specialist to make the process pain free and comfortable

If you think something is wrong with your teeth , don’t worry, and don’t delay. Visit us at Dent Ally which has in place thWe the best team of dentists, technology equipment aimed at providing world class personalized treatment

Dr. Charu Makhija

Clinical Head

Endodontist and Aesthetic Dental Surgeon. Dent Ally

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