Parts of your Teeth

Parts of your Teeth

“Walks in to one of the best dental clinic in south delhi”

Me: “Doctor my tooth hurts!”

Dentist: “Which one?”

Me: “I don’t know, it’s on my left side, umm left lower side”

Dentist: “Let me check”

“Dentist takes his instrument and taps on your each tooth”

Me: “Ouch! Don’t tap so hard; are you trying to break my tooth?”

Dentist: “No dear, you see the part of your tooth in your mouth, well that’s a crown and the part, which is not visible, is the root (inside the gums)”

Let me explain you the parts of a tooth and trust me, they won’t break with my tap.

The white portion you see is the enamel; it is the hardest of all. It is made of calcium and phosphorous. So make sure you drink that glass of milk everyday.

Make sure your kid finishes that glass of milk or you will be looking for a pediatric dentist (kids specialist)near your location.

The next layer is of dentin. Not as strong as enamel, so make sure your enamel remains intact. No hard brushing, no tobacco chewing and least anger can surely be beneficial for that. Remember, regular brushing just not help you to improve your oral hygine but also keeps you away from oral dental clinic.

Recall the last time you visited dentist for your root canal treatment in south delhi and you saw some blood coming out of your teeth? That is the innermost part of the tooth or as we the best dentists prefer calling it the pulp, consist of blood vessels and small amount of tissue like  any other organ in the body.

We know how ships anchor themselves to stay in one place; same way cementum helps in anchoring teeth in one place inside the gums. But bacteria or other diseases may reduce this anchorage; so make sure to always keep your teeth clean.

So make sure you eat healthy, clean your teeth and do visit your dentist at Dent Ally which is the best dental clinic in Delhi least once in 6 months. And remember, quality is the assurity and not the quantity.

Dr. Charu Makhija

Clinical Head

Endodontist and Aesthetic Dental Surgeon. Dent Ally


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