Things to Consider While Choosing a Dental Practice

Things to Consider While Choosing a Dental Practice

There are a number of factors that people tend to keep in mind while deciding which dentist to go to, like making any other decisions, there a few factors that really distinguish a good practice from an average one.

We have listed them out below for you:

  1. Sterilization Process Being Followed: Always seek feedback on the sterilization protocols that are followed at a practice. You might be visiting the most experienced dentist, however if he/she is using instruments or equipment that are not sterile, you are most likely to catch an infection. Most people tend to ignore this fact and regret later.
  2. Technology Being Used: Always assess a practice on the technology they have and how advanced it is. In the last 10 years, dentistry has seen a major change in this arena. Your dental practice should not only have the technology but also have a team who knows how to use and practice the technology in the right way.
  3. Team of Specialist Dentists: There are 8 different specialties that exist within dentistry and like there are specialists for different parts of our body, for our teeth most people due to lack of awareness ignore and overlook this fact completely. Thus you should choose a practice that offers you specialized treatment by the right specialists.
  4. Ethical Practice: Ethics are an important foundation that every practice must pay attention to. Ethics exist in various forms. For your better understanding we have listed them out below:
    • Ethical treatment: Let us understand this using an example of dental implants. Rather than choosing dental implants based on patient’s spending capability or monetary factors, implants in an ethical practice would be chosen based on bone, volume of bone and underlying condition of the patient.
  5. Warranty backing the treatment: Ethical and specialized practicesare confident about the treatments they provide and thus provide warranties for the same. What that means from the patient perspective is that till the time they are not satisfied, the practice will work towards their satisfaction. For example, a crown with a 10 year warranty will be changed with no questions asked during the warranty period in case the patient is not satisfied.

Dent Ally is a leading multispecialty dental clinic in Delhi for which these factors are the founding principles and form the basis of its day-to day practice.

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