Tooth brushing: A necessary evil

Tooth brushing: A necessary evil

Brushing: the first thing we have been taught to do after we get up in the morning.

Is it just a habit or is really important???

Definitely it is important, as it is the easiest self-controlled way to prevent oral diseases. So the right question here is: What the right technique for brushing and do we know the impact that it has on ruining or improving your oral health.

The way you brush your teeth is ACTUALLY THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in maintaining proper oral health. Brushing can ruin your gums and teeth. Yes! It really does, if it is not done properly and in the right way. Every movement of your hand while brushing your teeth has an effect on your gums, teeth and comprehensive oral health.

Let’s start with some basic questions that are critical.

1) The right time to brush: As a known fact and recommended by all the dentists the right time to brush your teeth is in the morning before you have your breakfast and at night before going to bed.

Infactif you are a one- time tooth brusher then Night Time brushing is what will be more advantageous for your oral health.

2) For how long: Again a known thing but important to mention here is that you need to brush for about 2 to 3 minutes.

3) Selecting right tooth brush: Now this is a tricky question as the right toothbrush totally depends on the condition of your teeth.Normally most people with average to good oral health would need a soft to medium hard tooth brush. But in some cases where a person is more prone to hard deposits on teeth, one may need to use a hard tooth brush.

Your dentist would be the right person to recommend the correct toothbrush for you.

4) Selecting the Right Toothpaste: Any simple fluoride containing toothpaste which is not that harsh on teeth (meaning less abrasive) should be commonly used.

For kids toothpastes containing lesser fluoride content or no fluoride are recommended as they tend to swallow the toothpaste. As they learn the right way of using toothpaste they should be shifted to fluoride containing toothpastes.

Any whitening toothpastes should not be used for prolonged periods as they are harsh and can cause tooth abrasion.

Now coming to the main question of HOW TO BRUSH

The right toothbrushing technique depends on three factors:


  • Age
  • Teeth Condition
  • Dexterity

A)For children: The right technique to start your child’s habit of toothbrushing isFone’s or Circular tooth brushing technique. Because of its easy learnability and simplicity, it is the easiest technique to get adapted by a child

  • You have to first of all teach your children to move the tooth brush in a circular motion.
  • Then hand them a tooth brush and ask them to slightly press the bristles against a set of teeth and give 4 to 5 circular motions on a set of teeth(2 to 3 teeth).
  • Then move the brush to next set of teeth and repeat.

2) For adults : The technique to be used is Bass Technique (Sulcular Method) or modified technique:This is the most effective technique of brushing as it removes the plaque beneath the gums and prevents gum infections. In Bass Technique,

  • The bristles of tooth brush are directed apically(towards roots) at 45O to angle of the tooth and press the bristles slightly so that they enter sulcus(gap between tooth and gums).
  • Vibrate the tooth brush back and forth with short strokes for 10-15 strokes for each set(2 to 3 teeth).
  • Then move to next set of teeth and repeat.
  • Also one has to roll the brush to the upper surfaces of teeth and clean them.

3) For orthodontic patients: The technique to be used is Charter’s Technique: This method is very useful in patients undergoing orthoodontic(braces) treatment, patients with fixed bridges or patients undergone gum surgery. In Charter’s Technique,

  • The bristles are positioned towards the occlusal surface of the teeth or at the margin of the gums at an angle of 45O to the tooth.
  • Short back and forth vibratory motions are then given to clean the set of teeth.
  • Move to next set of teeth and repeat

So next time you pick up the toothbrush, do consider the right technique for yourself and teach your kins and kids as well, the right way to brush their teeth.

Still confused about the right brushing technique for your teeth?

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