Creating Beautiful Smiles

Dent Ally is a multi specialty dental clinic based in South Delhi.Dent Ally assures its patients a holistic personalized dental experience through its team of dental experts, world class dental equipment and technology and patient centered treatment plans.

We have in place the finest team of dentists, specialists, dental hygienists and support staff representing all the specialties that comprise dental care.

Our clinic is equipped with the most modern dental equipment including CAD/CAM, OPG coupled with a state of the art sterilization facility and laboratory. Our treatment chambers have carefully designed ambiance that can be personalized to your needs and preferences in terms of temperature control, entertainment systems. that will make you comfortable and at peace. All these factors have been kept in mind to deliver a relaxing spa like experience and bust the myth of pain, anxiety and stress associated with medical/dental treatments.

We, at Dent Ally, are committed to providing world class oral health treatment in a spaciously designed modern clinic where quality and care is given utmost importance.

World Class Infrastructure

We have a spaciously designed and handicapped friendly clinic that will help you experience a clean, hygienic and sterile environment. Our treatment chambers have been designed to deliver a personalized spa like experience wherein patients can moderate the temperature and music to their needs and preferences.

Excellence in Dentistry

Our approach is a combination of preventive dentistry coupled with patient education that sets us apart in treating patients effectively. Given the high standards in the materials and equipment that we use, we provide warranties for dental treatment wherever possible.

Patient Centered Approach

Each person has unique needs. We undertake an in depth discussion of all treatment plans and payment preferences with our patients. You don't need to put off consultations and treatments any longer. We are here to help you strategize preventive and treatment options customized to meet your personal health demands. Especially with kids, we work hard to make each dental visit fun and kid-oriented because we believe that motivating the child and eliminating dental fear at an early age builds a positive attitude towards oral health.

Unparalleled team of dental specialists

We have on board trained and experienced dental experts who have been in the industry for over 10 years. We are very particular about the skills and expertise that our team possesses and select them only after a rigorous assessment and demonstration of their work. We have established quality benchmarks that our specialists need to adhere to and regularly evaluate our specialists on the work and experience they provide to our patients.

Strict Sterilization Protocols

We have in place a separate sterilization room that shows our commitment to providing a hygienic and sterile environment for our patients. All our instruments are enclosed in sterilized pouches that are opened only at the time of treatment. We use distilled water on our dental chairs as we believe in protecting and improving your general health.

Advanced Equipment and Technology

The success of any dental treatment depends not only on the expertise of the dental practitioner and the cooperation of the patient, but also on the technology being used We have in place the latest technology that enables us to provide our patients with quality treatments and superior service.

In house Laboratory support

Having our own dental laboratory helps us maintain a check on the quality of the treatment that we provide to our patients. This laboratory support equips us to deliver just in time and faster treatment to patients as compared to other clinics in the industry thereby saving critical time and money for our patients.

Maintenance of life time dental records

Recognizing the importance of oral health and patient education, we maintain dental records for each and every patient for their lifetime that too at no additional cost. This allows us to track progress of oral health of our patients and keep them informed and updated.
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