Right from simple mobile teeth extractions to complicated impacted third molar extractions, our specialized maxillofacial surgeons take care of each surgery efficiently.

They are also specialized in jaw bone fracture management and treatment of oral cancer.

Our specialists are known to perform all types of maxillofacial surgeries with utmost ease providing the patient comfort and pain free treatment.

Some treatments that are done at Dent Ally:

  • Orthodontic extractions
  • Third molar extractions
  • Root stump extractions
  • Impacted tooth extractions
  • Grossly decayed tooth extraction
  • Jaw fracture surgery and rehabilitation
  • Surgery for oral cysts, infections and bony growth
  • Oral cancer
  • Vestibuloplasty
  • Chin Reconstruction
  • Cleft lip and Cleft palate surgeries

Dental Advice

It is best to remove an untreatable chronic infection rather keeping it growing in the mouth.

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