Dent Ally: The New Age Dental Experience

Dent Ally is one of the best multi- specialty dental clinics based in New Delhi. Dent Ally assures its patients a holistic personalized dental experience through its internationally trained team of dental experts, world-class dental equipment and technology and patient-centered treatment plans.

Dent Ally is an Award Winning Multi– Specialty Dental Clinic chain in New Delhi. Dent Ally has been awarded the “Best Dental Clinic in Delhi” at India’s Most Trusted Healthcare Awards, 2018.

Given the strict sterilization protocol that is followed at the practice, Dent Ally has been awarded the Sterilization Monitoring Certificate by the University of Louisville.

Dent Ally is known as the Best Dental Clinic in Delhi, India for the following reasons:

  • Providing personalized care and treatment that is focused on the elimination of the root cause of any problem that patients are experiencing.
  • Adopting a new age approach to dentistry with the latest technology thereby making the treatment process pain free. Our clinics are equipped with the most modern dental equipment coupled with state of the art sterilization facilities and laboratories.
  • Dent Ally has internationally trained and experienced specialists for every branch that exists within dentistry and adopts only a specialized approach to dentistry.
  • Dent Ally is one of the very few practices in the country that follow holistic dentistry. This approach takes into consideration your overall health as your treatment is planned. To know more about why holistic dentistry is important and how we follow it, refer to this section here.

Key treatments that Dent Ally is the most preferred dental provider for within India and internationally are Dental Implants, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, and Smile Designing


Comprehensive Dental Services

All of our treatments and services are provided in a comfortable, handy capped friendly environment.



"Dent Ally partners with Oberoi Group to deliver on its mission of Improving Oral Health"

How We Care For You

Quality Dentistry

Advanced Equipment & technology

World class infrastructure

Inhouse laboratory support

Patient centered approach

Unparalleled team of dental specialists

Strict Sterilization Protocols

Maintenance of life time dental records

The Dent Ally Experience

  • At Dent Ally, we provide personalized care and treatment that is focused on elimination of root cause of any problem that patients are experiencing.
  • Our clinics are equipped with the most modern dental equipment including CAD/CAM, OPG coupled with a state of the art sterilization facility and laboratory.
  • Our team of dentists are highly experienced and internationally trained.
  • Our team of dentists are known for adopting a new age approach to dentistry with the latest technology thereby making the treatment process pain free
  • All materials and instruments used throughout the procedure are of highest grade and are internationally certified.
  • Strict Sterilization protocol is followed for all our procedures. We believe that this approach results in the most superior work which we feel will give you the best treatment results
  • We have specialists on our team for every specialty that exits within dentistry and only believe in adopting a specialist approach to dentistry. We believe like you would never think of getting a heart surgery done by an orthopedician, then why be okay with taking the risk with your teeth.
We, at Dent Ally, are committed to providing WORLD CLASS TREATMENT in spaciously designed modern clinics where QUALITY and CARE are given utmost importance.  

This helps our patients get a close-up view of their dental work and become better educated about their oral conditions.

We believe in maintaining true transparency with our patients and through this camera we are able to show every step of the dental work that is being completed for the patient.


This XRay facility exposes our patients to least amount of radiation. It is even safe for pregnant women. This technology allows us the best resolution for full mouth examination. Through this facility, we are able to maintain DIGITALIZED RECORDS for our patients and we store these for a lifetime for all our patients.


Very few clinics have this facility available in house. Dent ally is one of the few clinics in South Delhi to provide this facility under the same roof. This is a 2-D X-Ray that provides a panoramic view of the mouth, teeth and bones of the upper and lower jaws that allows our specialists to recommend a holistic treatment plan.


At Dent Ally, sterilization is taken very seriously.  Every step of the process is followed meticulously and we have the following equipment at the clinic:
  • ULTRASONIC INSTRUMENT CLEANER:This instrument strips away the contaminants that may not be visible to the eyefrom all the instruments.
  • STERILIZATION PACKETS: After the instruments are cleaned in the ultrasonic instrument cleaner, they are placed in sterilization pouches that are sealed and change color when they are fully sterilized, thus enabling the patient and the dentist to be sure of the sterilization of the instruments.
  • B TYPE AUTOCLAVE: We use the most advanced autoclave thus ensuring us complete sterilization. The instruments packed in the sterilization pouches are placed in the autoclave where they are sterilized.
  • UV CHAMBER: From the autoclave, all instruments are placed in the UV chamber for storage in a sterilized environment.

Dent Ally has been awarded Sterilization Monitoring Certificate by University of Louisville and American Dental Association.

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