Bleeding Gums – What To Do?

Bleeding Gums – What To Do?

Bleeding Gums- What To Do?

Do your gums bleed while eating or brushing teeth or is it the first thing you notice after getting up – blood stain on your pillow??


We have listed below the common causes of bleeding gums and what you can do to avoid them. Common causes of bleeding gums:

1) Plaque: – It is the primary reason for the gums to bleed; plaque is nothing but a colony of bacteria expanding in number day by day.
2) Improper brushing: – Not brushing sufficiently or effectively leads to continuous plaque deformation.
3) Underlying gum disease: – Bleeding gums is the first sign of periodontitis. So your gums might be indicating that you need to get your gums checked and treated.
4) Vitamin ‘C’ deficiency: – ‘YES’ vitamin C is very important for maintaining the health of your gums and bones. Get your vitamins checked if you have symptoms like easy bruising, fatigue along with bleeding gums.

How to prevent Bleeding gums?

First thing to focus on is effective removal of plaque from your teeth. Plaque can be effectively removed by practicing proper oral hygiene methods, which includes tooth brushing, mouth rinsing, flossing etc. To know more about proper tooth brushing techniques, you can refer to our blog.

Sometimes, even after maintaining good oral hygiene, gums might continue to bleed. This is an alarming sign as it indicates a progressive gingival disease or a persistent periodontitis. In such a case you need to consult a periodontist (gum specialist).

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