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Can Stress Affect My Teeth

Ever Wondered If Stress Could Affect Your Teeth Thinking about stress is stressful, right? You should be aware of how stress can affect you so you can combat the problem immediately and not take it lightly. We have put below some ways in which stress manifests itself and can affect your oral health. Grinding and

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Braces Treatment : Why, When and How

WHY DO YOU NEED BRACES? Braces also known as orthodontic treatment are used to correct the following most common problems: Misaligned teeth due to: 1. Overcrowding 2. Spaces between teeth 3. Mis-shaped teeth This could result in an unappealing smile and frequent deposition between teeth. Misaligned Jaw which could lead to clicking and popping sound while

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Bleeding Gums – What To Do?

Bleeding Gums- What To Do? Do your gums bleed while eating or brushing teeth or is it the first thing you notice after getting up – blood stain on your pillow?? DON’T PANIC We have listed below the common causes of bleeding gums and what you can do to avoid them. Common causes of bleeding

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Tooth brushing: A necessary evil

Brushing: the first thing we have been taught to do after we get up in the morning. Is it just a habit or is really important??? Definitely it is important, as it is the easiest self-controlled way to prevent oral diseases. So the right question here is: What the right technique for brushing and do

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Parts of your Teeth

“Walks in to one of the best dental clinic in south delhi” Me: “Doctor my tooth hurts!” Dentist: “Which one?” Me: “I don’t know, it’s on my left side, umm left lower side” Dentist: “Let me check” “Dentist takes his instrument and taps on your each tooth” Me: “Ouch! Don’t tap so hard; are you

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Know Your Teeth

“Smile! You never know who is clicking you” Every individual is provided with two sets of teeth: Primary (Baby/Kids Teeth) Permanent (Adult Teeth) Primary teeth are 20 in number. They complete their eruption and are in place by the age of 3 years. Any problems with Primary Teeth can be  taken care of at  Dent

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