Got the biggest solitaire but still feel something is missing?

Got the biggest solitaire but still feel something is missing?

Updated with the latest fashion trends, have the best makeup brands, got the right jewelry to enhance your look? But still something is missing?

The answer lies in your SMILE.

We have put together answers to COMMON QUESTIONS that most women ask us.

Read below to get the right smile.

Q. Do I Need a Smile Design?

Review these quick questions to know whether you are a candidate for a smile design.

Q. What treatments do you recommend I undergo to have the perfect smile?

Experts Advice: While treatments would vary on a case to case basis as some brides go in for smile designing, some basic treatments that we have done for a number of our patient:

  • Teeth Cleaning and Polishing.90% of people have plaque and calculus on the inside of their teeth that is not visible to oneself but can be visible to one’s partner. These deposits are also a reason for bad breath that people cannot tell themselves since we can’t smell our own breath.

At Dent Ally we have the best team of dentists in Delhi to provide you with complete teeth cleaning and polishing

  • Teeth Whitening to get brighter and whiter teeth that are in sync with the bridal look.It is a single sitting way of getting that brightest stain free shining smile which can add the right glow to your look.

Dent Ally is the best dental clinic in Delhi adopting the latest methodologies of teeth whitening and providing them at the best rates possible.

  • Tooth Jewellery (tooth diamond):Women who want to enhance their smile get this done. This is an option which the specialized team of dentists at Dent Ally, the best dental clinic in Delhi would give depending upon the kind of smile you have and if it needs to be enhanced.
  • Correction of space between the front teeth: Immediate treatment is done through simple restorative procedures. And also invisible aligners can be used to get that perfect smile.
  • Smile Design through guided software:If you are not satisfied with your current smile and would want that perfect smile which you can wear all your life, then smile design specialist at Dent Ally, the best dental clinic in Delhi can examine and suggest the right way to get it perfect. After complete examination of your smile the SMILE specialist at dent ally can show you the what corrections and improvements are needed and can be done through a specialized software. Thus you can play an active part in your smile designing and can also suggest if you have any specific needs through the treatment. At Dent Ally we have the best smile design specialist who can renew your smile and make it the most precious thing you will ever be wearing.


Q.Any side effects that I need to be prepared for?

Expert Advice: Absolutely NOT. These treatments are least invasive and have no risk attached to them.

We at Dent Ally , the best dental clinic in Delhi, understand that you have a number of other things to worry about so come and visit us and let us take care of your smile on your behalf.

At, Dent Ally in Delhi, we adopt a specialized approach to dentistry and have the best dentists catering to all specialties that exist within dentistry.

Dent Ally is the best dental clinic in Delhi with the best team of dentists such as prosthodontists, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, endodontists, oral surgeons etc. who are specialized and experienced in all dental treatments such as pain free root canals, dental implants, smile design, orthodontics (braces), extractions and much more.

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