How to Plan your Dental Appointments ?

How to Plan your Dental Appointments ?

“I will make an early morning appointment with my dentist because I would be empty stomach and I won’t feel embarrassed in case the dentist sees food stuck between my teeth” is something that we commonly hear from patients at Dent Ally, best dental clinic in Delhi, NCR.


We, at Dent Ally, known for having the best dentists in Delhi, NCR always prefer our patients to come full stomach – Reason?  We have listed them below for you:

  1. A dental visit might take longer than expected. While we have in-house services that won’ t let you be hungry, we don’t like our patients to be uncomfortable due to hunger pangs.
  2. A number of patients have anxiety associated with visiting a dentist which might lead to low blood sugar levels and hence having eaten something avoids this situation.
  3. A shot of anesthesia may be required and being empty stomach may result in dizziness /restlessness and may not have an anesthetic impact as quickly as we might need for the treatment.

At Dent Ally, best dentists in Delhi, NCR we follow a Holistic Approach to Dentistry which is a preventive approach to dentistry that takes a patient’s overall health into consideration rather than just the tooth involved. We take into consideration the total functional, structural and cosmetic needs of the patient also keeping in mind the link between the patient’s teeth and gum disease and heart health, diabetes and pregnancy.


To learn more about how we follow holistic dentistry, you can consider referring to our blog here.


Keeping the bodily health in mind, we help our patients plan their dental appointments:

For example:


  • For diabetic patients, we prefer a post meal appointment because most patients  have their medicine/insulin along with the meals. This ensures fewer chances of blood sugar level drops and a smooth dental experience.  So ideal time for a dental appointment for a patient with diabetes is 30-40 minutes after a meal.


At Dent Ally,  given our focus to prioritize your overall health, our team of best dentists take blood sugar levels before, in between and post treatment to prioritize health in every form. Also, we take care of thirst quenches of our diabetic patients by regularly providing them sugar free drinks in between the dental treatments that not only helps maintain their blood sugar levels but also helps them take rest during the long appointments.


  • For hypertensive patients, we prefer morning or early afternoon appointments because hypertensive patients are found to be most active, yet relaxed during that time of the day. This is the time, they have taken their medicine and the blood pressure is under control.


We specifically plan treatment for hypertensive patients to ensure they have short dental visits and are comfortable during their dental treatment.


  • For patients with heart diseases,  we prefer appointments to be given in the first half of the day and make sure to check their vitals before performing any procedure.  Our doctors at Dent Ally start treatment only after they have checked with the  patient that they taken their morning dose of medicines required as well as if any needed for the procedure. We at Dent Ally do not start treatment without taking  consent from the patient’s physicians when they have heart disease in need to ensure the patient complete bodily health.


  • For kids,  we let the kids and parents decide a time wherein they believe their child would be most active as we have seen kids tend to be cranky when they are tired or sleepy. Our team of specialized dentists make use of a  number of innovative techniques that help children feel comfortable in a dental environment and only when this is achieved,  we make them sit on the dental chair and start their treatment. This way, they have less fear of the dental examination/treatment not only for the time being, but for their entire lifetime and thus kids develop a positive attitude towards maintenance of dental health


Young and healthy individuals can make an appointment as per their needs. But for them also, we make sure they first get accustomed to the practice, where we have 5-10 minutes one-on-one session between the consulting doctor and the patient. Once we understand their needs, only then the treatment is initiated as per their comfort.


How Dent Ally, best dental clinic in Delhi, NCR helps their patients choose a perfect appointment time for themselves:


We maintain a complete health record as noted below of our patients to plan their appointments:


  • Medical and dental history
  • Details of all the medications that are currently being taken or have been taken in the past
  • A check on any allergic reactions to any medicine
  • Habits of smoking, chewing tobacco or any alcohol intake


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