Fillings are needed when you are diagnosed with a cavity in your teeth. Depending upon the extent of the decay, you would be advised a filling, RCT or extraction. At Dent Ally, best dental clinic in India only a restorative specialist (i.e. tooth filling specialist) does all filling related treatment.

Fillings vary in complexity and material. Due to advancements in direct filling materials most of the fillings that are done these are direct fillings, placed “directly” in a cavity. Although others are indirect, wherein an impression of the tooth is taken and a custom filling is 3-D printed and created to fit inside or around it.

At Dent Ally, best dental clinic in India we follow a complete holistic approach to dentistry. The tooth coloured fillings done are not only one of the most aesthetic, but also are the most bio compatible fillings available, which are beneficial to the overall health of the patient as they contain no amount of Bis-Phenol A (BPA) monomers, which is a toxic component present in commonly used composites.

A layer of regenerative pulp protective material is applied by the specialists at Dent Ally, best dental clinic for tooth fillings in India, which not only enhances the life of the filling, but also improves the regenerative and healing ability of the ailing tooth.

We have included details of various BPA free and metal free fillings performed at our clinic that are most bio compatible to the body. We have listed details about the materials that are most preferred by patients in India and internationally:


  1. Porcelain fillings/restorations

Porcelain is the most bio compatible, hypo-allergic, non- metallic restorative material that is completely BPA free and offers the longevity that is not provided by other restorative materials. Porcelain restorations (inlays, onlays, crowns) offer the best adaptability and marginal fit of the filling as they are fabricated through 3D scans known as the CAD-CAM technology.


  1. OrMoCers

Ormocers(Organically modified Ceramics) is an advanced technology that has the best bio compatibility with the body because it does not contain Bisphenol A or B in the restorative material. Its other advantages are least shrinkage and highest protection against caries.These are the most advanced materials present alongside composite restorations and play a very important role in holistic restorative dentistry.


  1. BPA Free Composites

These are highly advanced BPA free composites that offer the best aesthetics along with the best bio compatibility,thus being completely safe and healthy for any patient.

Other biocompatible and toxicity free fillings (restorations) done at Dent Ally, best dental clinic in Delhi /NCR , India are:

  1. Zirconia inlays and onlays
  2. Lithium Disilicate inlays and onlays
  3. IPS e.max Press inlays and Onlays
  4. IPS e.max CADinlays and onlays
  5. IPS empress ESTHETICS inlays and onlays
  6. IPS empress CAD inlays and onlays
  7. PEEK inlays and onlays
  8. Titanium inlays and onlays

In case you are confused in terms what would be best suited for you, don’t worry, let the fillings specialist at Dent Ally decide and advise you.

Visit Dent Ally, one of the best dental clinics based in Green park and Vasant Kunj, where patients are absolutely delighted with the aesthetics and functionality of the fillings that we provide.


Dent Ally Is Listed As One Of The Best Dental Clinics In Delhi And Is Known For Its Known For Its Team Of Specialized Dentists. Dent Ally Is Equipped With Latest And State Of The Art Equipment And Technology. Dent Ally Has Two Centers In Delhi, India – Gulmohar Park (Near Green Park And HauzKhas) And Vasant Kunj.

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