Root Canal Treatment is Not Painful, Not getting It Done is!

Root Canal Treatment is Not Painful, Not getting It Done is!

Does your tooth hurt sometimes while chewing, or do you feel sensitivity when you eat something hot or cold? Does food get stuck between your teeth?
These are all indicators for you to visit a dentist for an oral health checkup and there might be a possibility that you need a root canal.

Root canal treatment is needed when the bacteria from the outer surface of the tooth reaches into deeper layers of the tooth, up to the pulp inside. Root canal treatment is necessary to save a tooth from extraction and restore its functioning in the oral cavity.

The myth about root canals being painful is based on hearsay of people who have actually not undergone a root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is a pain free procedure and you can be sure of it by visiting Dent Ally, dental clinic in Delhi.

Dent Ally has the best team of dentists who are trained and experienced in using the right technique of local anesthesia administration that makes the root canal process pain free. Dentists at Dent Ally make use of additional techniques like small-bore sized needles as well as topical anesthetic spray or gel that lead to no pain during anesthesia administration as well which otherwise might involve pain owing to the prick of the needle.

Research suggests that listening to good music helps in relaxing the mind and hence reduces anxiety that may be associated with undergoing a procedure. At Dent Ally, not only can you listen to music, but you can choose your favorite number and have it played during your treatment procedure.

Further, use of an apex locator and rotary machines eases out the procedure and takes relatively less time for completion of the procedure, thus, letting one feel at ease and lessening the time a patient needs to keep their mouth open. Dentists at Dent Ally are fully trained and experienced in using this equipment.

Single Sitting Root Canal vs Multiple Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Though, everyone prefers their treatment to be completed in a single visit, but there may be instances when multiple sittings are needed. In case of an abscess, swelling or other chronic cases, more than a single sitting is needed with interim doses of medicament to be put to remove the infection. So in case, if your root canal is not finished in a single visit, feel free to ask your endodontist at Dent Ally about the procedure and the need to finish it in subsequent appointments.

Dent Ally is listed as one of the best dental clinics in Delhi and is known for its successful root canal treatments. Dent Ally is equipped with latest and state of the art equipment and technology. Dent Ally has two centers in South Delhi: Gulmohar Park and Vasant Kunj.

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